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To achieve top performance, you have to push the limits of the horse. Walkbeat Horses helps me find the right level of training and treatment, fine-tuned for each individual animal.

Marcus Lindgren, head trotting trainer, Marlin Cheval

Universities, Medical devices companies, CROs, Pharma.


Walkbeat Health can provide real world evidence for clinical studies, medical platforms, data banks and further research.

It makes it easy to conduct long-term real world studies and monitor subjects remotely, in real-time; not only saving a huge amount of time & effort, but also reducing the occurrence of failed tests. 

It provides both raw data and advanced analysis for designing, evaluating and validating more elaborate clinical and real world studies. 

Clinical studies and R&D 

Walkbeat Health can be used in any environment, such as clinics, home or outdoors,
for issues ranging from post-stroke rehabilitation, mobility disorders, clinical studies, R&D projects,  orthopaedics, sports injuries, and much more.

Post-stroke rehabilitation, orthopaedic, others

​Walkbeat Health can support in the decision phase for when to discharge via quick, accessible and advanced gait analysis, in clinical and hospital settings. It can even be used as a complement to 2-minute/6-minute walk test.


When continuing with in-home rehab, the solution helps in tailoring the schedule for appointments and keeps monitoring in a way that is not only available for the clinic but also directly for the patient. Regular remote check-ups with the clinician, can include gait analysis without the need for hard-to-find gait experts.


The quality of the rehabilitation can be improved by providing personalized care, better treatment plans and thus de-stressing the overburdened healthcare system.

Mobility impairments

Track and field, Team sports, Daily life


Walkbeat Health will help improve performance training and reduce injury/rehab cycles. 


With our solution, you have a baseline for every athlete and a benchmark to help shorten the rehabilitation period. It delivers personal gait history for precise interventions and tracks which changes during training led to any improvement in gait quality. It can be used during everyday training with accurate, advanced analysis available at high speeds, on any surface.


You can continuously identify trends to help make informed decisions on when to push for better performance and when to pull back to prevent injuries. 

Sport injuries and performance

Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, others.

Walkbeat Health functions as a decision-support tool for continuous monitoring, evaluation, intervention and remote care. It delivers accessible and quick evaluation without needing on-site gait monitoring experts. It enables information and monitoring in-between visits as well as tailored interventions & treatment plans.  

For neurologists conducting long-term studies with interventions/therapies such as deep brain stimulation, Walkbeat Health enables continuous assessment of the treatment's quality and evaluation of the effectiveness in relation to changes in gait.

Cognitive-related disorders

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