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Measure in real-world

The sensor is designed to be comfortable & lightweight so it does not cause any deviation from your natural gait behaviour. You wear it with the help of a strap that you put onto the ankle or just clip it on your socks. It records the movement of the leg on which it sits on, and the data is sent in real-time for automated analysis

Analyze in


Extracted gait endpoints are analyzed using advanced algorithms and AI.

Measure in


Attach a sensor to each leg and start walking. Data is streamed seamlessly to the cloud.

Get remote results

Analysis is displayed on any web/mobile device with user-friendly design. 


Analyze and communicate

The Walkbeat Health portal gives advanced tools for healthcare personnel. Gait endpoints such as rhythm, balance, symmetry, gait quality index and paramaters for every stride are extracted and analysed using advanced algorithms and AI.


✔ Min  minutes of walking is required for a reliable analysis

✔ 10 x more clinical endpoints than activity trackers

 Advanced, accurate analysis for any gait speed on any surface

Adapted views for remote monitoring


Accessible results

The Walkbeat App gives easy access to results. It compares results, identifies problems and visualizes progress over time. All in a visual way that makes it easy to overview and understand. 

In the App, you can follow both, short-term and long-term views on:



✔ Stride variability

Stride parameters

✔ G-forces

✔ Speed

...and more. 

✔ Robust, comfortable, light-weight sensors (<20g)

✔ Setup time: 1 minute, plug and play

✔ High scalability with the possibility of real-time monitoring


The software consists of several parts, the most important of which are the innovative algorithms developed after 8+ years of international R&D.


The algorithms convert sensor information into the standard digital biomarker for gait from which different gait characteristics can be extracted and further analysed. 

✔  Global timestamps with high-level synchronisation

✔  Scalable IOT architecture for seamless integrations 

✔  Data interoperability and real-time monitoring 

The world’s first easy-to-use tool for accurate, real world gait analysis

The world’s first easy-to-use tool
for accurate, real world gait analysis

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